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My clients often ask me about how "things" work, so I've collected some of the most frequently asked questions :-) I hope the answers will make you more comfortable "shooting" with me :-)

Q: The most often asked question ever is "What Should I Wear?"A: Yes, what you wear is important but don't panic yet :-) the answer is simple - CONTRAST. Your outfit does not have to SCREAM, but should stand out compared to the background. I'll be glad to help you with color options after we will pick a location for our session. I would recommend to avoid busy patterns - like animal prints; and too edgy colors - like black. However, the most important advise is - Wear something you will feel COMFORTABLE in, and we'll find a way for it to look amazing :-)

Q: "Should/May I bring a friend/s?"A: Yes, as long they are helping you to get into mood and not distracting. If you would like me to take few photos with you and your friend/s - please let me know before the photo session, so I can time it correctly.

Q: "Can we bring our own camera and take pictures during the shoot?"A: Sure, but please wait until the session is completed to take your own photos.

Q: "I loved the photo so much, I would like to submit it to a photo contest. Can I do that?"A: You are welcome to submit my photos to subject contests. If you do, you MUST mention that photo was taken by me. Obviously, you are not allowed to submit it to photography contests or without my copyright.